Mohamad Zain bin A Hamid, S.I.S, P.P.T
Yang Dipertua
Majlis Daerah Kuala Langat


Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarokatuh and greeting i wish to all.

First and foremost, i will like to wish happy new year to all Kuala Langat’s community.

Alhamdullilah, we express our deepest gratitude to Allah The Almighty for it is with His Munificence, Kuala Langat district is growing rapidly with a variety of development and investment that goes into it. With various highway connectivity facilities have contributed to the improvement of development such as housing, manufacturing, tourism, industrial and others.

Starting the year 2019, MDKL will continue to stride forward without looking back again with more aggressive ways in order to improve the quality of services so it will be comparable to other cities. All of this is none other than to achieve the goal of Kuala Langat District being upgraded to City Councilin the near future.

In achieving the objective, strarting this year, MDKL will always walkabout to meet the community and also the ‘Town Hall’ session that will be held more frequently. It is intended so  that bilateral relations can be achieve so that MDKL can deliver an informations and get feedback from the people.

Thus, the community are suggested with MDKL to work together in advancing this area and understand each others. In addition, the community also need to understand the real function of MDKL as a local authority in this area.

Therefore, I very much hope that the people in this district to always pay attention to the issues on the environment. Together we take care of the Kuala Langat area by not littering everywhere  or create an illegal waste area. People would say, this is the level of Kuala Langat's thinking. By throwing away any rubbish, we will be embarrassed. All the residents of Kuala Langat will be effected due to the act of a very irresponsible society.

Finally, I urge all MDKL’s staffs and Kuala Langat community to equip themselves with the environmentally friendly culture and to maintain the cleanliness of the surrounding as we are all headed towards the Municipal Council.


Thank you.


“Kuala Langat Beautiful and Harmony”


Update on January 8, 2019