1. To guarantee hospitality in managing quality administration and always concerned on the issues of clients.
  2. To provide trained and the best human resources based on an excellent working culture to meet the needs of individuals, the community and the nation.
  3. To valuate assessment taxes fairly and handle the MDKL facilities effectively.
  4. To manage finances effectively and transparently based on the stipulated Treasury Directives and regulations.
  5. To plan sustainable development by integrating the land use development through a balanced economic and social development as well as envorinmental conservation.
  6. To licence all types of business in a controlled and efficient manner.
  7. To exercise an efficient and quality municipal service in order to create a comfortable, harmonious and prosperous surrounding.
  8. To provide and maintain the infrastructural facilities in the best way for the comfort of the residents.
  9. To ensure speedy and efficient processing of the Certificate of Fitness for Occupation and Certificate of Completion and Compliance.
  10. To provide the best landscape development in establishing a beautiful surrounding in line with the concept of `Garden City'.
  11. To conduct the One Stop Centre (OSC) Committee Meeting twice a month.
  12. To conduct professional auditing based on a commonly accepted standard.
  13. To ensure a fair and integrity-based exercise of legal services and legal enforcement.