A Homestay Programme is a tourism package which provides an opportunity for you to experience a ‘kampung’ life. For visitors who are accustomed to the life in the city, the Homestay programme would be a perfect tour package to escape from stress at work as well as the hustle and bustle of a luxurious lifestyle. The homestay participants are those who achieved the standards of the Ministry of Arts, Culture and Tourism as Homestay coordinators.

You will be treated like a part of theAA family by the Homestay participants and be able to take part in the usual village events or activities carried out such as gotong-royong or wedding events.

The Homestay programme in Kuala Langat began in Kampung Kampung Kanchong Darat dan Kampung Endah, in July 1998. In 2002, Kampung Batu Laut was included in the programme. These three villages succeeded in numerous village competitions organised by the State and Federal Government. Kampung Kanchong Darat was announced as the overall champion of the 2000 National Level Village Beauty, Cleanliness and Development Competition, while Kampung Endah was the overall champion of the 1990 National Level Village Beauty, Cleanliness and Development Competition and Kampung Batu Laut became the champion of the 2002 National Level Excellent Village Competition.



For further information about the homestay programme, please contact:

The Coordinator,
Homestay Kg. Endah,
PSK 11 Jln Sekolah,
Kg. Endah,
42700 Banting
(u.p. : En. Ramlan bin Hj Misnan)
No. Phone : 03-31981364 / 013-6456489
Fax : 03-31982312

The Coordinator,
Homestay Kanchong Darat,
Jalan Sukun,
Kanchong Darat,
42700 Banting.
(u.p. : Tn. Hj. Mahyuddin bin Hj. Bakhri)
No. Phone : 03-31874505 / 019-3854505
Fax : 03-31874505


The Coordinator,
Homestay Kampung Sg. Lang Tengah,
D/A Lot 1594 Kampung Sungai Lang Tengah,
42700, Banting
(u.p. : Tn Hj. Silim Bin Dasman)
No. Phone : 03-31871690 / 013-2607097
Fax : 03-31781676
Email : kampungkukslt [at] gmail [dot] com
Blog :


The Coordinator,
Homestay Batu Laut,
No 1. Jln Sekolah,
Kg. Batu Laut,
42800 Tanjung Sepat,
Kuala Langat
(u.p. : Pn. Azura bt Ali / En. Mahmud)
No. Phone : 012-3881342 / 019-2523670
Fax : -


The Coordinator,
Homestay Kg. Kundang,
Kampong Kundang,
Pejabat Pos Tanjung Sepat,
42800 Kuala Langat.
(u.p. : En. Arman bin Saiiman)
No. Phone : 019-6431816
Fax : 03-31481162