This stone-pillared, wooden floored and wooded upper walls palace was built in 1876 by Sultan Abdul Samad during His Majesty's reign ruler of Selangor. It is the oldest palace building in Selangor Darul Ehsan which is still exist. In 1898, the palace was made the ceremonial building for the coronation of the 5th Sultan of Selangor -V, Sultan Alaeddin Suleiman Syah.

The palace is a double-storeyed building. The ground floor is made of concrete while wood is used to make up for the second floor which is roofed with tiles.



What is left is the single bedroom on the top floor, inside it is an old metal chest said to belong to Marhum Jugra. At one time, it was taken to Kuala Lumpur to be exhibited as an antique at the National Museum. However it was said that the guards were nervous of the strange sound emitting from the chest which when opened was found to be empty. For that reason, the chest was placed back at its original place. To observe the chest, one has to climb a flight of stairs of the dilapidated palace and with full of caution. Though the building is no longer occupied, it is still maintained. The surroundings is always clean, since there are some village folks who still cultivates the area and stay nearby, planting fruit trees like guavas, durians and so on.

The building attracts little attention from the local community to visit it, except for tourists and historical enthusiasts who like to see firsthand of its actual situation.